Review #7: Slightly Despicable Me

Despicable Me 3

Directed by: Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda
Released: June 2017

Face it, Gru. Villainy is in your blood!

June 17th, 2017 09:15 IST

[Now I realised that there aren’t too many Zootopias out there]

27c552af56d525ea3ff5b293a4634984Gru and the gang strike once again in this third installment of Despicable Me. Just like its predecessors, Despicable Me 3 is a lighthearted comedy. The story has a bit of a run-of-the-mill bollywoodesque tinge to it with the whole evil twin theme. It doesn’t seem like a well rounded effort to the critic in me. The jokes are slightly over the top. The minions sub plot is the most entertaining part of the movie, surpassing the main plot. What appealed to me were the various references that have subtly been woven in to keep the parents interested as well. There is an Empire Strikes Back reference, there is a minion version of The Elements (a song about the elements of the periodic table originally sung by Tom Lehrer in 1959), and there are many more. Like most animated movies, there is no dearth of catchy tunes which are necessary to compliment the whole “Dance fight” theme of the movie. Unlike Zootopia, the movie isn’t too much fun for accompanying parents.

The cast consists of Steve Carell [Michael Scott from The Office], Trey Parker [half the brains behind South Park], Kristen Wiig [Erin Gilbert from the new Ghostbusters] and many many others.



All in all, I would say that the movie is very entertaining for kids. All the children in the theater enjoyed it. I am not kidding when I say that I saw a man fast asleep at the end of the movie. Being present on the cusp between childhood and adulthood myself, the movie elucidated mixed feelings of liking and boredom from me. So if you are looking for a wholesome movie for your kids and don’t mind getting slightly bored, this is the movie for you.  The moment the credits started rolling and the lights were turned on, I had this terrible sinking feeling that I wasn’t nine years old anymore…



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