Review #6: DC’s A New Hope (Literally)

Wonder Woman

Directed by: Patty Jenkins
Released: June 2017

Let’s get what we want. Get what we need. And never get what we deserve

June 5th, 2017 09:17 IST

[Before I start, I know reviewing this movie goes against my code of not going down the rabbit hole of comic book movies. But I just couldn’t stop myself with this one. Also, I discovered that the best time to write is during travel]

58978920160725190834Wonder Woman was the DCEU’s chance at redemption and boy oh boy did they make the most of it. Everything from casting to costumes to cinematography to direction were splendid. This version of Wonder Woman easily outshines all former portrayals by a huge margin. To be completely honest, I wasn’t really expecting it to be this good as Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice were complete let downs. I’m happy I was proved wrong as Wonder Woman’s plot and direction wasn’t as shallow as its predecessors’. The movie seems like a well-rounded effort with tactful execution. Wonder Woman is of the flashback kind. The flashback scenes are set during the First World War and the present-day scenes occur alongside the events of Dawn of Justice. The director, Patty Jenkins, has done a commendable job with the slow motion scenes. They were such a delight as they weren’t too long nor too slow. They were just perfect.
I won’t go too much into plot detail as the movie dropped in just 2-3 days ago and most of you may not have watched it yet. But I will say this, if you lost faith in DCEU after a series of consistently boring plotlines, Wonder Woman will restore your faith. If all goes well, let’s hope that the movies Warner Bros has to offer will be consistently good.
Coming to the cast and their performance, the first time we saw Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Dawn of Justice, she seemed like she would be able to pull it off pretty well in a solo movie of her own. She stayed true to that and played Diana Prince very well. She could precisely portray the character’s bewilderment and awe on seeing the world. Chris Pine [The new age Kirk] reprised his role as a leader gracefully. Danny Huston [Remember Colonel Stryker from X Men Origins?] plays the role of the ambitious bad guy yet again. Other actors include Robin Wright [Jenny from Forrest Gump], David Thewlis [Professor Lupin from Harry Potter] and Elena Anaya [Aleera from Van Helsing]wonder_woman_-_screen_capture


The movie isn’t a sequel so it’s alright if you haven’t watched the other DC movies. You won’t be missing anything much as long as you know Bruce Wayne is Batman. The movie also has a bit of women empowerment and such as it is set in more male supremist times. All in all, I would say that it was a great effort by Warner Bros and I sincerely sincerely hope that it isn’t the last of its kind.


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