Review #5: I Spy with my Little Eye

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Directed by: Matthew Vaughn
Released: February 2015

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

May 5th, 2017 23:15 IST

Kingsman._logo.svgAh, finally a sensible parody on the legendary Bond movies of old times. Although we did have the rib-tickling Johnny English duo-logy, Kingsman is of a more sophisticated kind. As the name suggests, Kingsman is a spy movie revolving around a group of gentlemen spies who call themselves Kingsmen. The movie executes a fairly simple arc. There are no devious sub plots or complicated twists. This is one of the reasons why I liked this movie. It was able to keep its charm without having to resolve to using extremely stale twists (stale would  be an understatement) or predictable turns. It took a different approach to the spy movies which is a bit of a fresh change as all the recent Jason Bournes and Mission Impossibles have become pathetically predictable. They took a worldwide social issue (global warming and overpopulation) and expounded on it from a different viewpoint.

One of the things most teenagers (like me) love about spy movies are the futuristic gadgets and sophisticated technology. The movie did not disappoint on that front. We see everything from electrocuting signet rings and toxic knives concealed in shoes to watches firing amnesia darts and hand grenades disguised as cigarette lighters. The movie also has a lot to teach about how gentlemen would conduct themselves in the founding days of the service. This includes things like how one must talk, general etiquette, chivalry and most of all, how to make a proper martini (personally, I found this one to be hilarious. I mean, it is a parody after all, isn’t it?).


What really caught my eye were the various code names given to the agents. The names include: Arthur, Merlin, Galahad, Lancelot and so forth. When I watched the movie with my cousin, she pointed out that all these names are part of Arthurian legend (I didn’t know of this). When I looked into it, I noticed the similarities. Arthur was the name given to the head of the service. This is analogous to King Arthur. Merlin was the wizard according to the legend. In the movie, Merlin was the one who made and taught how to use the arsenal and fancy gadgets and did the technical computer work etc. Lancelot and Galahad, agents in the movie, were Knights of the Round Table according to the legend. I somehow find this connection to be extremely pleasing.

The primary cast comprises of extremely skilled actors such as Samuel L. Jackson [bad boy Nick Fury], Mark Hamill [good guy Joker], Michael Caine [bad boy Alfred Pennyworth], Mark Strong [good guy Sinestro], Sofia Boutella [bad girl Jaylah (from Star Trek Beyond)],  Egerton and Colin Firth. The able actors played their parts very well. One more thing I liked about the movie is the cinematography of the intense action sequences. The rock music embellished the extreme action and made them even more edge-of-the-seat material.

The sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set to come out in September of 2017 and I must say, I am looking forward to it. It is said that Kingsman: The Secret Service is the first of the Kingsman Trilogy.


I must say that in my opinion, Kingsman is one of the underrated movies of 2014. It had a good story, great actors and well executed cinematography.  Just one final note; the movie is meant for a mature audience as it contains a lot of violence and gore. Don’t watch it if blood and violence make you uncomfortable.


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