Review #4: Let the Numbers do the Talking

Hidden Figures

Directed by: Theodore Melfi
Released: January 2017

Civil rights ain’t always civil.

April 12th, 2017 19:35 IST

A remarkable fusion of drama and history, Hidden Figures is a movie about the role of black women in NASA’s very first manned mission. It focuses on the race between the Soviet Union and the USA to build a rocket for human spaceflight. The movie shows us the journey of three black women who battle social stigma to rise to glory. In today’s world, where many women still have to fight to voice their opinion, this movie has particular significance. The fact that the movie is set around 50 years into the past shows us how much more of a challenge it was to be black; more so, a black woman. There are many instances in the movie where we see the protagonists facing issues due to their status. Neither are given too much importance and aren’t treated as intellectual equals by not just men but white women too. Though we all learn about this in our history books, it is a completely different experience when we see it happening in the form of cinema. Art was meant to portray the different emotions one feels in life. This movie has perfectly captured all hardships and how they make the protagonists feel. It is indeed a piece of art. The protagonists’ ambition and strong resolves were impeccable. What further embellishes these is the fact that the movie is based on real events. This shows us that that kind of raw determination isn’t something straight out of fiction or fantasy; it has been and can be achieved in real life too. The movie has a very serious tone, yet there is some humor delicately interwoven into it. There were so many instances in the movie where the dialogues were so powerful, they left me clapping at my screen.

The well-written plot was executed brilliantly by a capable cast which includes Taraji P. Henson [yeah, Queenie from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button], Octavia Spencer [you know, the DMV employee in The Big Bang Theory’s The Euclid Alternative from Season 2], Janelle Monae [in case you were wondering, yes, she was in Moonlight too]. People who have watched even one episode of The Big Bang Theory will immediately recognise Jim Parsons reprising the role of a stubborn intellectual autocrat. Other members of the cast include Kristen Dunst [wow she’s everywhere], Glen Powell and Mahershala Ali [yup, that’s Cottonmouth from Luke Cage]. The movie received widespread critical acclaim. It was nominated for a total of 72 awards and bagged 28 of them.


When I say “I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie”, it is definitely an understatement. If you like biographies, this is one you simply can’t miss; if you aren’t really into biographies, this is a great one to start with. The story has so much depth in it and is still very enjoyable. The movie has a lasting effect on anyone who watches it and will keep you occupied for a while. The joy of watching the success of the protagonists will certainly inspire and motivate you to get cracking upon something that’s been bothering you.


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