Review #2: Ponder over the Beauty of Eternal Sunshine

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Directed by: Michel Gondry
Released: March 2004

Meet me… In Montauk…

April 4th, 2017 00:42 IST

This movie has a deep and thought-provoking plot. It is the product you get when you fuse science fiction with romance and execute it beautifully. On the face of it, it seems like a page right out of some fairy tale. But you need to watch 2-3 times to really understand what the movie is about.  Personally, the movie touched me on a very deep level. It shows how people can make mistakes and errors in judgement in a relationship and yet when all is lost, can still start anew, knowing why the previous attempt failed. It shows us that we must not give up on people too easily. Doing so might lead to rash decisions. Repentance is a common consequence to rash decisions. Much of the movie takes place in the protagonist, Joel’s mind. When he finds out that his ex-girlfriend erases him from her memory, he too decides to undergo the procedure to remove her from his memory. During the process, he learns that he still has feelings for her and repents erasing his memory. In a twist of fate, the lovers cross paths again and try to take another shot at what they used to be even after coming to know what the other did and why they did it. The cast consists of some of  the top actors and actresses of the day. Calling their performance good would be an understatement; it was astounding, to say the least. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, as lead actors, rendered their characters extremely well. Supporting actors include Mark Ruffalo [before he turned into a green monster], Elijah Wood [after he saved The Shire and Middle Earth] and Kirsten Dunst [while she was hanging out with Spider-Man]. The movie was nominated for a total 97 awards and ended up winning 34, one of which includes The Academy Award for Best Screenplay – Original.


This is one of those movies I’d like to watch again and again till it loses its lustre (which I seriously doubt). Its one of those movies which keep my gears grinding for a long time after the credits finish rolling. Those who haven’t watched it have definitely missed out on something good. But make sure you have enough time and have a “Spotless Mind” because it might take up quite a bit of your head space for quite a while.


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